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Pulmonary Physicians Inc.

Pulmonary Physicians Inc. is the trusted source in Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care and Sleep Disorders in the Canton Akron area

Our board certified doctors utilize the most advanced technology to treat a broad range of lung disorders including asthma, COPD, pulmonary hypertension, lung cancer. Our sleep board certified physicians also treat sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and more. In addition, we provide 24/7 critical care coverage at the intensive care units of Aultman Hospital

Cystic Fibrosis

Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program:
Now providing care for those with cystic fibrosis as they enter and progress through their adult years

Lung Disorders

COPD (Emphysema/ Chronic Bronchitis), Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Chronic lung infection, Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, Lung Cancer


Bronchoscopy, Pulmonary Function Testing, Chest Ultrasound, Chest X-Ray, Oxygen Saturation Evaluation, Peak Flow Measurement, and more

Sleep Disorders

Snoring, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS), Sleep Apnea, Restless Legs Syndrome, Narcolepsy, Sleep Walking, REM Behavior Disorder

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Pulmonary Physicians, Inc.

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